How to create values with Brand Guidelines?

sofasoda went through a rebrand in its second year without putting together a complete and accessible guideline for everyone. We soon realized the team spent a lot of time communicating and preaching the brand positioning internally across various functions. It was not an efficient and scalable practice.

We discovered that...

Content Production

There were quite a few animations created that did not comply with the illustration guideline.

Marketing Team

Unable to deliver quality portrait pictures of the mentors that would be displayed on our product pages. Release dates were delayed.

BD Team

PDF file appears a lack of professionalism when cooperate with external partners.

Business Team

Chaos and confusion ensued as members came up with their own interpretations of the brand statement.

Making the brand guideline easily accessible

Brand guidelines can be documented in a variety of ways. This could be as simple as a PDF file that only requires one designer to manage. Nonetheless, as the team grows, it may be difficult for everyone to know where these documents are or even that they exist. It could also be kept in a Google Slide and shared via a link, but no one is excited by the thought of opening a deck, so no one will be inclined to share it. Gitbook can also be used to easily create wikis and provides a decent user experience. In the end, we opted to go big or go home and chose Webflow instead to build a website to house our brand guideline.


Communicate visually

Suitable for all devices

Accessible to members and partners anywhere


First, we developed these foundations to ensure a consistent user experience across our pages.

Guidelines can be valuable resources when they are designed with empathy in mind

Anyone can use them to communicate our brand spirit in any situation. Furthermore, it can be used as a reference for all projects under the brand umbrella.

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