Project Brief

sofasoda is an online platform creating digital contents and providing 1:1 mentorship consultant. The product is designed to help young professionals grow and develop the skills they need to succeed in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Over View

Since 2021, sofasoda has changed business model to subscription plan. Content platform need to increase the quantity of courses and speed up producing rate. Overall, we should be able to publish a course within a week after the shoot. Keep producing high quality visuals became a challenge to design team and production team.


Phase 1 : Define content category & visual strategy


Having a limited amount of time to design, creating templates to scale up the operation would be logical. Using templates also implies sacrificing flexibility and causing visual fatigue in the long run, and we weren't ready to compromise.

In addition, our UX researcher provided insights regarding the importance of designing video thumbnails. We concluded our design should serve the following purposes: 1. pique users' interests, 2. convey key messages at a glance, 3. boost click-through rates.


Designed specially for talented speakers in the industry. To meet marketers’ expectations, the visual has the maximum creative space. Apart from basic visibility, there are no other restrictions.


We keep the image simple and clear, separate from other displays at the same time, because we can't control a specific number of speakers ahead of time.


Provide business insights from industry leaders. We aim to include some key words in KV so that readers may notice them on the thumbnail.

Before & After

We made video cards for each courses

Phase 2 : enhance speakers’ portrait quality

Changing the pace of producing a video course does has an affect on our visual quality. Though brand designers worked hard to increase productivity and output value, photography is the main factor determine the final outcome. We’ve added  a photography part on the shooting step, we are no longer using screen shot as a material.

🧐 We break down each factors and quantify some orientation to optimize it.

🤔 We also defined how to present : professional young talents


courses / month


videos / year


dropout rate

Brand Designer | Vivi Wang, Mary Cho, Jay Chen
UX Researcher | Kelly Hsieh
Photographer | Siang-Ru Shih