2022.11 - 2022.12


Brand Designer


Plan, Visual Design, Web Design

Project Background

The goal of the campaign was to recruit new members. Look back to gross financial events with Mr. Roo,  we wrapped the most important articles in Blogs well. Combined the interaction with questionnaire, we looked deep into user demands, hope to optimize our service in the next year.

Visual Strategy

The goal of UI design was to soften financial knowledge with an interesting web browsing experience by using a large number of interactive effects. I changes the style to increase the drama of Roo's emotions. The collage of newspapers and magazines increases the rational knowledge atmosphere of the platform. The visual style that greatly escapes from the past can not only test the flexibility of the brand mascot in different visual environments, but also test the audience's acceptance of financial product illustrations.

Highlights of the site

Highlights of the site

These crisis did tighten our belt!

In the second section, we use a series of flyer design, wrapped a bunch of financial crisis in 2022 and showed our insights. Not only you'll know how the crisis affect our life, Roo.Cash had already prepared several methods to help members reduce losses at the mean time.

Visual Assets


Color Scheme


main bg
primary btn



Font in use

Primary Title / jf-Lanyang-serif

蘭陽明體 Semi-Bold

Sub-title & Body / Noto-Sans


Having multiple weights makes it outstanding. Overall the style has a sense of neutral, modern yet traditionally elegant feel.

Roo Illustration

The Roo in this page were all drawn in Procreate with iPad. Paired with handwritten keywords and texture materials to increase consistency of the image.

Texture Materials





Landing Page RWD

Desktop / 1440

Mobile / 768 - 360

pad / 1440 - 768

Creatives in all touchpoints

Instagram Post

Launch Post

All Mr. Roo images in this page were manually sketched with precise strokes.

Google Ads

Gifts Convert

Ins Story

Annual Wrapped

Pay tribute to Spotify 2022.

Instagram Post


Sometimes it‘s efficient to use GIF to convey hilarious contents in limited production period, and easier to resonate with!

FB Ads

Cats Rule the earth

Rumor has it that posts with cats in it always get a point!

Whoscall Banner


Visual balance between two brands.

Get Member

Through a variety of ad promotions and some CTA in specific sections, we converted 853 people to sign up within a month!

Get Questionnaire

In order to collect more consumption habits of TA. These feedbacks and results can help us optimize some product pages and services, also provide a new insights for content MKT.


Creative | Genie Chen, Emily, Vivi Wang, Lucy Lee
Art Direction | Vivi Wang
Copy | Genie, Emily
Web | Vivi Wang
Art | Amy Lin, Jay Chen, Phoebe Lei

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